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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH: apxs: allow for override of CFG_* values]
Date Wed, 07 Jul 1999 06:13:10 GMT
Seems like a good change to me (biased, of course :-).  +1

In this particular case, couldn't you just drop mod_dav into the Apache
source tree and build your distribution that way?


Wilfredo Sanchez wrote:
> I ran into a problem using apxs while trying to build mod_dav into a
> distribution. Basically, apxs knows that the configuration files are
> over yonder and the module go over here, etc., but these paths are
> assuming that you are installing onto your local system. So "apxs -i
> ..." ends up editing my machines config and installing nicely onto my
> machine, when I'm just hoping to create a separate root that I can
> package into a tarball or something.
> I'd like to change the value of CFG_LIBEXECDIR and CFG_SYSCONFDIR when
> installing in this manner. In my case I want, for example,
> I can also see a situation where you might not want to use the same
> compile options as were used by apache. Perhaps I need a different
> compiler, even because I wrote my module in CLU or something.
> So I added an option "-S <var>=<value>" which lets me set these
> things:
> wsanchez% apxs -S SYSCONFDIR=/foo -q SYSCONFDIR
> /foo
> -Fred

Greg Stein,

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