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From "Michael H. Voase" <>
Subject Re: GNU Portable Threads (pth)
Date Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:33:30 GMT
Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> As a question; in for example the netherlands, germany or italy, most of
> the, academic, discussion quicly centrers on the definition of 'the work',
> which unfortunately, when translated literally to either language, as a
> perfect equivalent which has a wel defined legal meaning in IPR and so on.

After having a look pth I think you guys are looking at a
storm in a tea cup . You see the interesting part is that
Ralf did do a nice job of the design . It requires a part
of the program to fire it up . Now since MPM has been 
introduced , the most sensible place to fire up the pth
lib is in the MPM module . So basically this is a module
writers decision , and has absolutely no bearing on the
Apache group , the Apache Web server or any of its associates
and subsiduaries ....

Afterall , you cant hold the Apache group responsible for
the stuff that *some* of these module writers put out 8-)

Also there is a strong correlation between threading libs ,
such as pth and mpm modules much the same as there
is a need to include libs with any given module ( need
I point out mod_perl , mod_php et al ) . I would dare
say that even including the lib would be handled by the
mpm makefile template , which is well outside Apache
jurisdiction unless it is in one of the standard modules .
At this stage , neither of these modules use pth .

So in the end I think even putting the pth stuff
into the apache core distribution wouldnt really
be necesary since it isnt really relevant to
anything outside of an mpm module ... I know
the writers of 'regular' apache modules wouldnt
like to be troubled with the ins and outs of
multi process / thread management , the http_main
bootstrap definitely doesnt care about it ( thats
all single thread until mpm_run ) so there's
no real point in pth being anywhere else ...

Hmm ... now lets see , if I launch off pth just
after I ve spawned off me processes and .. hmmm

Have fun ..

Cheers Mik Voase.

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