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From Laurent Sinitambirivoutin <>
Subject Re: GNU Portable Threads (pth)
Date Tue, 06 Jul 1999 10:19:41 GMT
though the legal issues there a **very** interesting, i'd like to ask a few
technical questions about pth...
as far as i've understood, pth use user-land threads... So I guess that to the
contrary of Linuxthreads, pth threads aren't include into the kernel process
table... An approach which is very interesting for those who (like me) encounter
a problem with process proliferation (ok, i'm gonna use load-balancing so i'll
not be bothered anymore; still, this issue continues to draw my interest)
anyway, i was wondering if pth couldn't be used as a general library: i mean a
program could be linked to pth which would provide either the native support if
it exists or the pth system. It may even be possible for a program to get both:
the user-land threads of pth AND the native threads (through pth)

what du think of it ?? is it a silly idea or a sane question ? ;-)

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