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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject The Apache Group is Traded in NASDAQ!
Date Fri, 02 Jul 1999 08:00:22 GMT
The PC Week has an article about The Apache Group (,4153,1015336,00.html
if the "," cut the URL, attach them back).

The wierd thing is that this important newspaper, claims that The
Apache Group has stocks which are traded in NASDAQ, and even gives
the quote of The Apache Group ("APCH"). Click at this quote in the
body of the article, and you will find the full details of the
stock (current price $0.03, list of dozens of competitors, etc.).

Of course there is another body with the same name (The Apache
Group), and this quote belongs to it. But doesn't PC Week know it?
Do they know anything particularly about Apache or in general
about computers? If not, then why they insist to write bullshit
about computers and not move to fields where they have more
knowledge, such as sport, politics, etc.?

P.S. Or is it a new scoop?  ;-)
Eli Marmor

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