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From "Daniel J. Cody" <>
Subject Re: Front end needs some work
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 22:28:40 GMT wrote:
[big snip]
> >  And if you have not noticed most of the core member really don't care if
> >  microsoft "catches up".  We started this to build a great web server, not
> >  take over the world or make a profit.
> >
> >  Cliff
> I would submit that the core members care very much about 'protecting'
> their 'product'... as they certainly should. Anyone who has 52% market
> share of anything should care very much about their 'responsibility' to
> that market. Witness the recent incorporation of Apache to the legal
> entity known as 'ASF' in order to make it easier to 'raise capital' via
> contributions and ( in Roy Fielding's own words ) 'go beat up on
> people who are abusing our name'.

I think you're missing 'the point'. I don't want to speak 'for anyone'
here, but I really don't think that the main 'goal' of the Apache
'project' when it started was to 'attain' a high market share. I think
it was 'more' of a "hey this kicks ass, lets make it better" type of
'thing'. At least thats why I 'lurk' here and learn.  You're obviously
looking at it from the wrong 'P.O.V.'.

Sorry to waste 'bandwidth' on this post. 

Daniel J. Cody
-Senior Web Developer-
Oracular Systems & Software, Inc.

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