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From "Michael H. Voase" <>
Subject Re: MS FUD
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 14:03:03 GMT
Vince Bonfanti wrote:
> On 7/1/99 3:18 AM, Brian Schau wrote:
> >
> >> And then they fight you ...
> >>
> >> Dont worry , MS has won round 1 and scored a little
> >> FUD to scatter around , but the war is not over yet ...
> >
> >Nope.  I'd just like to see a test based on real-time situations.  I
> >mean, how many ISP's have 100Mbit lines to the world?   And how many
> >ISP's have several 100Mbit lines to the world?
> >
> Hmm...maybe the "real world" for the open source community is mostly ISPs
> and universities, while the "real world" for Microsoft is mostly Fortune
> 500 companies (who generally *do* have 100Mbit internal networks)...and
> maybe these two "real worlds" don't really intersect all that
> maybe much of the "open source-versus-Microsoft" conflict rhetoric is
> only so much hot air generated by certain individuals, companies, and the
> press in pursuit of their own private agendas...and maybe the open source
> community and Microsoft (and other "closed source" companies) can
> actually live together side-by-side in harmony, each in their own "real
> world"...
> ...just a thought.
> Vince

	If only MS could live and let live , but to put it
blunty , they , or should I more accurately say Billy, cant
live with one bit of competition . Winboard is their next
attack point ... They will try their best to shut Linux off
the same platform . Will it work ? hard to say ... We all
remeber how successful the Windows Sound System was ... or
Winmodem for that matter ... Winboard will be directed at
the very low end and try to shape up as the new Network
Appliance . However the direction they are taking has an
achillies heel . They are driving for a board that does
the majority of work in software (remeber the 'we own 
everything down to the iron' mentality? )... This will be
a huge hit on performance of the board . This wont be a
big blow to Linux since Winboard wont be suitable for
server applications ... however it will begin to eat away
at the possible user base for Linux .

	I think the last great hope for fair competition
in the computing industry lies in the hands of the US DOJ .
If they can connect the dots as to why Winboard is being
developed then , maybe , there may be a faint glimmer of
hope . Otherwise MS will test the waters with Winboard and
if they can get it to sell , we will see a wholesale churn
of the client market to Winboard . in the mean time phase
two is waiting in the wings to rear its ugly head .. 
Winboard server . 

	Will this work in the long run ? Somehow I dont
think so . The PC as we know will start to loose relevance
in the computing market as computing appliances begin
to make their charge . An interesting aspect is the 
StrongARM based machines .. quite powerful enough for
Mr and Mrs Average user , with a price tag that is
far more attractive than any x86 based machine ...
However the biggest win is power consumption ... As
mankind continues to move into an epoch were resource
conservation is imperitive , the possibility exists
for govermental departments to impose power restrictions
on all devices ... possibly leaving the x86 behind as
an overly power hungry device ... now if someone were
to do an 'open platform' StrongARM based box , or even
start clustering small StrongARM boxen ....then
things could get very interesting indeed ... 

</end rant - Ill get back to the plot now ...;>

heers Mik Voase.

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