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From Brian Schau <>
Subject Re: MS FUD
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 09:47:46 GMT

> Hmm...maybe the "real world" for the open source community is mostly ISPs
> and universities, while the "real world" for Microsoft is mostly Fortune
> 500 companies (who generally *do* have 100Mbit internal networks)...

Internal - yes .. (Though we're not a Fortune XYZ company we _are_
thinking of upgrading to 100Mbit - our internal backbone already runs
100Mbit.  I think this is quite common.)

External - no ..   (Not in DK at least - a simple 2Mbit sucks heavily in
the economic departement ... )

> maybe these two "real worlds" don't really intersect all that
> maybe much of the "open source-versus-Microsoft" conflict rhetoric is
> only so much hot air generated by certain individuals, companies, and the
> press in pursuit of their own private agendas...and maybe the open source
> community and Microsoft (and other "closed source" companies) can
> actually live together side-by-side in harmony, each in their own "real
> world"...
They can, if (and only if(?)) both parties will respect the other parts
products.  This is not always the case ....  ;o)

> ...just a thought.

So were mine ..

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