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From (Mike Abbott)
Subject Re: [PATCH] 10x performance increase patch #1
Date Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:18:21 GMT
> So, how do we get to the next step where we get to see the patches that
> enhance performance?

Patience, my son.  Contrary to the evidence at hand (my erroneous
assumptions about 64-bit Apache) I'm trying to do this carefully.  All
my changes are lumped together in my work area so I'm breaking them into
discrete patches, which takes time to do right and test.  Also, the
documentation I'm including with the bigger patches is incomplete and
I'm a slow tech writer.

> Do you want to resolve the issues with the first patch first, or publish a
> second which assumes the first?

I intend to submit patches that build on the prior ones because that's
much easier for me.  I don't assume that all my work will be accepted as
is either but I gotta start somewhere.

> Anxiously yours,

I'm working on #2 now.  A small one this time.
Michael J. Abbott

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