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From Vince Bonfanti <>
Subject Re: MS FUD
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 09:20:32 GMT
On 7/1/99 3:18 AM, Brian Schau wrote:
>> And then they fight you ...
>> Dont worry , MS has won round 1 and scored a little
>> FUD to scatter around , but the war is not over yet ...
>Nope.  I'd just like to see a test based on real-time situations.  I
>mean, how many ISP's have 100Mbit lines to the world?   And how many
>ISP's have several 100Mbit lines to the world?

Hmm...maybe the "real world" for the open source community is mostly ISPs 
and universities, while the "real world" for Microsoft is mostly Fortune 
500 companies (who generally *do* have 100Mbit internal networks)...and 
maybe these two "real worlds" don't really intersect all that 
maybe much of the "open source-versus-Microsoft" conflict rhetoric is 
only so much hot air generated by certain individuals, companies, and the 
press in pursuit of their own private agendas...and maybe the open source 
community and Microsoft (and other "closed source" companies) can 
actually live together side-by-side in harmony, each in their own "real 

...just a thought.


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