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From (Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes)
Subject to 1.4 or not to 1.4 was: Re: Moving the mpm files from modules/mpm_whatever to modules/mpm/whatever
Date Fri, 25 Jun 1999 07:40:25 GMT
In article <>,
Marc Slemko <> wrote:
>Is EAPI major enough to warrant going to 1.4?  I don't know.  
>If it is not, then it should either go or not go in 1.3.x depending on
>what we want and 2.0 should be what we work at.
>If it is major enough to warrent going to 1.4, then that implies that
>there is some requirement for a significant beta cycle, etc.  If adding
>EAPI requires such a thing (and traditional beta cycles have been at the
>very minimum a few months) then maybe it is really a bit much to be adding
>at this time.
>So what I'm saying is that either it is big enough that it shouldn't go
>into a near-term release (ie. 1.3.x or 1.4) or it is small enough that it
>can, which means it is appropriate in a 1.3.x.  

I think you are missing the point others are making by only reasoning:
they say it warrants going to 1.4, therefore,
it is big, therefore,
it is likely to break things, therefore
a beta cycle is required.

Whereas others seem to be saying:
it is a big added feature, therefore
it could warrant going to 1.4; however,
it isn't likely to break things, therefore
no beta cycle is required.

Just my analysis of you folks meaning "big" in two different senses,
with drastically different conclusions.  I personally have no opinion
on the matter.

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