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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: RedHat layout misspecifies htdocsdir
Date Sun, 27 Jun 1999 04:28:19 GMT
> The RedHat layout in config.layout specifies htdocsdir to be
> /home/httpd/htdocs, but in the Red Hat RPMs, it's /home/httpd/html.
> Any objection to fixing this? A change could cause mild surprise to a
> user who installed using the existing layout.

Hrm..  That would be my fault.  I am pretty sure I copied that layout
right from a RedHat rpm, but that was pre-RH6 though.  Was it htdocs in
RH5?  If so, perhaps we need two redhat layouts.

However, considering that we have yet to release an Apache with a redhat
layout in config.layout, we can change it all we want and it should not
cause any sort of surprise to anybody other than people who use the cvs
snapshot version.  1.3.6 went out on March 8 and I added this on March 25.


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