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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: work in progress: mpm-3.tar.gz (fwd)
Date Sat, 19 Jun 1999 22:03:31 GMT
> > Hrm, when I first read Dean's description, I thought about this too, but
> > figured we wouldn't have a problem because we really just have a single
> > entry point.  Our only other hook is the config stuff and we don't do
> > anything that I think would require it to be done from the same thread.
> > However, I could see this restriction being a pain if we wanted to be able
> > to enter PHP from more that just the content-handling request phase.
> > I would think this would be a big problem for mod_perl stuff.
> It does affect us.  We change the configuration directives for the current
> thread and expect them to take affect when the PHP callback is called;
> Under these restrictions, we can't really do it.

Hrm..  True, and we store it TLS-style keyed on the thread id.  How the
heck is it useful to have a module's init handler be in a separate thread
from the actual invocation later on?  Well, ok, the answer was already
given, and that is to use Apache's memory pool mechanism to store things.
We can abstract that away in SAPI, I guess, but 3rd party things that
don't know about Apache's memory management mechanism and do TLS-style
things to be thread-safe are going to be confused.  So yes, I agree with
you, it would be a PITA for us.


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