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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject LDFLAGS_SHLIB troubles
Date Wed, 16 Jun 1999 22:48:18 GMT
Guys, some input please.

We are currently assuming that the LDFLAGS_SHLIB we use for building
stuff from the Apache source tree can also be used to build stuff outside
the source tree.  For example, in the Configure script we currently have:

 LDFLAGS_SHLIB="$LDFLAGS_SHLIB -bI:\$(SRCDIR)/support/httpd.exp"
 LDFLAGS_SHLIB="$LDFLAGS_SHLIB -bE:\`echo \$@|sed -e 's:\.so\$\$:.exp:'\`"

which is rather bogus for an apxs build.  Basically for external modules
to build, this needs to look something like:

    -bI:@libexecdir@/httpd.exp -bE:@libexecdir@/httpd.exp

Now, I can fix this by either mungeing LDFLAGS_SHLIB before the sec in
src/support/Makefile.tmpl, or I can introduce an LDFLAGS_SHLIB_EXTERNAL
variable and populate that everywhere in src/Configure.

Anybody have an opinion on which way to go, or better yet, a cleaner


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