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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject MPM code not disabling nagle?
Date Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:07:04 GMT

Okay, I must have missed something somewhere.  I have just searched the
apache-2.0/mpm tree, and the only reference to TCP_NODELAY I can find, is
in test/test-writev.c.  We have removed the disable_nagle call altogether,
and we do not set the socketopt inline.  Everything I have read about
experienced about web servers, says that this option needs to be disabled.

In the 1.3 tree, we were disabling nagle twice, once when we created the
socket in the parent, and once in the child process. Now, we don't disable
nagle at all.  

In the apr tree, Just for informational purposes, we removed the disable
nagle call from the child process.  We were inheriting the socket, and all
of the socket options should have bee retained when the socket was dupped.

What am I missing?


Ryan Bloom
4205 S Miami Blvd	
RTP, NC 27709		It's a beautiful sight to see good dancers 
			doing simple steps.  It's a painful sight to
			see beginners doing complicated patterns.	

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