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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Question of a "newbie" ;-)
Date Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:54:36 GMT

Nobody has done any serious workon the nspr port for a long time.  If you
need a threaded port ASAP, you are better off trying the apr port.  It is
a hybrid Apache, which means both threads and processes.  It is still
under development, but it seems stable so far.  It has been tested on
Linux 2.0.X and 2.2.X.


On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Laurent Sinitambirivoutin wrote:

> hi there !
> i've a question i'd dearly like to get an answer...
> i've involved myself in new-httpd cuz' i was searching for a
> multithreaded apache. Our website is under linux 2.2.1 and has some
> problem with the actual organization of apache : way too much processes.
> Well I know I should wait for stable v2.0, but I really can't afford to
> do so
> i've download the nspr port of apache, and compiled it on my workstation
> (rh 6, kernel 2.2.5). after some debugging i've made it work fine. So i
> transferred the stuff on the website an recompiled it. Note that both
> computer use pgcc-2.91.57 19980901.
> It compiled just fine but at the execution I get a Segmentation Fault...
> I just don't get it : same code, same compiler, same libraries, no
> problem at compiling 
> Maybe its the kernel, but I must admit I'm lost
> I've tried to compile it with the -g option (debug info) but gdb keeps
> telling there's no debug info in httpd (and anyway i'm not very good at
> using gdb, hence the "newbie" word in my subject ;)
> So please can anyone help me ?
> (i've tried to use the mpm version , but it seems that no module has
> been ported to it...)
> -- 
> Laurent.D.Sinitambirivoutin
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Ryan Bloom
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