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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: work in progress: mpm-3.tar.gz
Date Fri, 18 Jun 1999 16:46:51 GMT
Yup it's a great idea waiting for someone to take it by the reins and
implement it :) 

A lot of folks in the past (in the group, and not in the group) have asked
me "how can I help with 2.0?"  I'm trying to lay out a bunch of projects
that will help me with this rearchitecture... and, if I can be so bold, I
suspect that this is how we can finally get 2.0 going.  The stuff I'm
doing is something which has been long overdue, and which is necessary for
many of the plans that we've been thinking of. 

I intend to make the feature set of mpm so desirable to unix-heads that
they want to help clean it up, re-implement various 1.x features in it,
and say "this is apache 2.0".

I intend to make the feature set of mpm general enough that non-unix-heads
see exactly where they can plug in a new kick-ass model that suits their
architecture... such as completion ports for NT.  Previously these folks
had to hack into the utter horrid mess of http_main, and there was much
duplicated code.  My goal (and I think I've accomplished it in this first
version) is to abstract the real purpose of the main loop inside http_main
so that it can be replaced with architecture specific main loops. 

Yes I'm a unix-bigot, but even within the unix world there are several
possibilities for the MPM, and I want to be sure that people can implement
all of them.  There's a fellow Zach from redhat who just implemented what
is probably the fastest userland model for linux, and he's waiting to plug
it into apache somehow.  There's a sun dude waiting to plug in solaris 7's
in-kernel accelerator.  I want to accomodate all of them.  Hence the
modular design of the MPM. 

Some day we'll have a portable run-time, and that day we'll integrate it
with the MPM.  I intend to ignore this issue for the moment, because we
can't afford to wait any longer for the holy grail portable run-time...
and I think it'll be obvious to the APR (or NSPR) folks how they too can
plug into the MPM; but they're going to have to wait for layered BUFF

At the moment this is "dean's fork of apache", and I intend to play
dictator on it for a while.  I have some very specific goals for it, and I
want people to see where I'm going first before I release control.  I do
want this to become apache 2.0 though, so I'm trying to accomodate enough
people to make it acceptable.  But I could really use help as I've
outlined -- at best I'm going to have prototype quality code; we've got a
couple months of cleanup and testing before it'll be beta quality.

OK back to hacking :)


On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> In article <> you
> > Oh, and another TODO which can happen now, before the modules are
> > converted to the new structure... is to change the module structure to
> > have only one "on_load" method, and have all other methods registered at
> > run time. 
> Yeah, that's a great idea. +1
> We really have to get rid of the unflexible fixed dispatch lists...
>                                        Ralf S. Engelschall

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