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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject comments on vhost memory use
Date Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:25:41 GMT
For anyone using Apache with a bunch of real vhosts, FYI there
appears to be an number of places where memory use by vhosts could
be cut down a lot.

With a little bit of playing, I noticed the following things on a test
setup with 5000 "simple" vhosts, with only ServerAdmin, DocumentRoot and
ServerName directives.  Some of these apply to more complex vhosts, some
don't.  Unoptimized, memory use was 16496 kbytes per process.  Yes, that
is mostly shared (and essentially everything that I eliminate below is
shared) but there are still complications there sometimes.

- compiling with -DDYNAMIC_MODULE_LIMIT=0 (or even something a bit higher
  if you really want to use some dynamic modules) knocked it down to 12576

- changing the ap_make_array for conf->sec and conf->sec_url to create ones
  of size 2 instead of size 40 brought it down to 10364 bytes.  It seems 
  silly to have such "large" arrays for things built at config time, since
  the overhead to increase the size if needed is pretty small since it is't
  per request.

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