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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: standard virtual hosting.. how good?
Date Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:06:10 GMT
"David Harris" <> wrote:
>Okey dokey. I read the mass virtual hosting documentation and I understand
>what's going on. My question now is, how good is the standard virtual
>Is the lookup from ipaddr (or name) to virtual host configuration handled
>internally in some way that does not bog down if I throw, say, five hundred
>virtual hosts or a thousand at it? I guess that's basically asking if the
>lookup is hashed. Another consideration might be the size of the internal
>configuration structures in apache.

IP-based vhosts are looked up with a hash; Host:-header vhosts are
looked up linearly.

We have some machines with about 1000 <VirtualHost> configuration
sections and one of the problems it the time it takes to parse the
configuration file (but that's an old version of Apache & newer ones
may be better). The other problem with using <VirtualHost> in our
environment is the number of changes we get: with the mass vhosting
stuff we can provision sites almost immediately without disrupting

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