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From "Wilt, Paul" <>
Subject Re: IE5 and PDF Files (an apology)
Date Fri, 04 Jun 1999 15:05:49 GMT
I apologize for the consternation I have caused on the list.

Greg Stein suggested (twice I might add!) that I search for
information on this topic.  I had already done that (sorry for not divulging
this tasty bit of information) as well as searching many other resources on
the net.  I realize that new-httpd deals only with server issues yet I also
knew that you guys are extremely knowledgeable about all things webby in

I was hoping that this message might be treated similar to one earlier about
IE's handling of error return status messages.  I firmly believe that IE5
has some bug in it that causes it to disregard the content-type header line
for application/pdf.  You may not yet have seen this problem but you may get
people sending messages to your own sites about inabilities to load PDF

Reinder Kraaij was nice enough to send me some further suggestions (which I
already tried).

Again, I truly do apologize for causing an uproar.  Please don't hold this
against me for too long!

Paul E Wilt 
Senior Software Engineer
Bell & Howell Information and Learning (Formerly UMI)		Phone: (734) 975-6021
300 North Zeeb Rd			Fax:    (734) 973-0737
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

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