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From "Wilt, Paul" <>
Subject IE5 and PDF files.
Date Thu, 03 Jun 1999 21:19:26 GMT
Recently we have been getting a number of error reports from customers and I
wanted to see if any of you have seen a similar problem.

Apache 1.3.4 Server (or Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6)  [In other words the
server does not matter]
	where the URL contents are generated dynamically generated with a
content-type of application/pdf

When the customer downloads the PDF, Internet Explorer 5 (on Windows NT)
does not bring the Adobe Acrobat Reader up to display the Page Image thus
delivered (even though the file-type association indicates the the Acrobat
Reader should handle content types of application/pdf. 

However, if the URL is changed to the following (where &IE=x.pdf is a dummy
tag) then everything works correctly:

I have looked at the headers that are being passed and they do include the
application/pdf content type.

I know that this is NOT directly related to Apache but was wondering if any
of you have run into this problem.  Can you verify whether your systems do
the same thing?

Any help would be appreciated.

Paul E Wilt 
Senior Software Engineer
Bell & Howell Information and Learning (Formerly UMI)		Phone: (734) 975-6021
300 North Zeeb Rd			Fax:    (734) 973-0737
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

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