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From "Khimenko Victor" <>
Subject Re: 1.3.7/1.4.0 Release
Date Mon, 21 Jun 1999 21:58:13 GMT
21-Jun-99 16:11 you wrote:
JJ> Khimenko Victor wrote:
>> I just want to remind that there are exists different version of hooks API.
>> You can read Ralf's opinions [and my minimal comments] below and you can find
>> thing itself at
>> Just hooks api and context API are changed (ok, more like "rewritten by
>> EAPI motives" :-) -- MM stuff and additional hooks (and documentation) are
>> borrowed from EAPI without changes.

JJ> Ralf's, AFAIK, has been the only one submitted for review, however.

100% Correct :-(( For almost month I was unable to read mailing list and thus
was unaware about EAPI discussion. My version was discussed on mod_ssl mailing
list long ago (but only three persons REALLY took look on code: I am itself,
Ralf S. Engelschall and Martin Kraemer)... Since mod_ssl is Ralf's creation
and he was not convinced (some good points, some bad points - I sent letter)
it was enough for mod_ssl. But what's good to tie mod_ssl and apache can be
not so good as generic Apache's hook mechanism ! For example call to each hook
in Ralf's version is lookup in string table. When there are just a few hooks
(like 10-20 in mod_ssl) and called procedure is not time-critical (as it's in
mod_ssl case) it can be ok, but for general hook mechanism it can be bad:
the more hooks defined there the more expensive hook call becomes...
Hook calls are not type-safe in Ralf's version. Again: for mod_ssl it's ok
(there are hooks are just hooks :-) but with my version you can export big
and complex API from one module to other and still this will be efficient
and less error-prone. On other hand my version is more complex in usage:
you must not only declare each and every hook but also configure hooks on module
load phase and unconfigure them on module unload phase.

Of course may be now it's too late anyway :-/

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