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From "Khimenko Victor" <>
Subject KEAPI
Date Sat, 26 Jun 1999 00:51:54 GMT
I uploaded 3 more files related to KEAPI on ... Hope this
will help to review beast. There are patches for mod_ssl to replace EAPI with
KEAPI there (only apxs way is supported -- it's enough for review and I'm too
lazy: compile Apache with KEAPI, then apply patch for mod_ssl to mod_ssl and
compile mod_ssl via apxs). And if full-blown sample like mod_ssl is too big
then there are smaller sample: support for PERL_SSI with mod_perl loaded as DSO.
There are just hooks API is used but it's exactly what's need reviewing
(context API is not very different and MM API is just borrowed from EAPI anyway).
                - KEAPI itself
                - patch for mod_ssl to replace EAPI with KEAPI
                - additional patch for apache to support PERL_SSI with DSO
                - patch for mod_perl to support PERL_SSI with DSO

To Ken: you CAN use unmodified mod_perl with modified apache and modified
mod_perl with unmodified apache. Just PERL_SSI will not work under DSO then :-)

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