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From "Khimenko Victor" <>
Subject Re: about apache-pthreads
Date Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:43:16 GMT
28-Jun-99 16:10 you wrote:
LS> Thanks to Manoj Kasichainula, I've understood how to compute the number
LS> of "processes" reported by 'ps aux'
LS> Someone told me that under Linux, threads were reported as regular
LS> processes by ps (but apparently not the user-level threads, cf. nspr).
LS> But something still eludes me: if you set ThreadsPerChild to 40, you
LS> should see ps report : 1+8*(40+1+1) = 337 httpd... but in fact you can
LS> never go above 257... just like a regular non-threaded apache
LS> I mean since these are mostly threads I shouldn't see those kind of
LS> limitations should I ??

You should. Recompile kernel and increase limit. Since threads==processes under
Linux you have the same limitations for them. There are exists patches to
increase number of processes (and threads) up to 32000 (pid_t limitation)
but it's somewhere deep in l-k archives...

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