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Subject VirtualHost directive and IPv6
Date Tue, 15 Jun 1999 07:14:22 GMT

	Hello, this is Jun-ichiro Hagino of KAME project.
	As some of you may know I'm working on IPv6 support for apache.
	The patch can be found at

	I have some trouble about syntax of <VirtualHost> directive.
	It takes multiple "host" or "host:port" as argument.  However, as
	IPv6 address will be written as colon-separated hexadecimals,
	we cannot use "host:port" for IPv6 addresses (it is ambiguous).

	For other directives I've extended apache to take "host port"
	(instead of "host:port"), but for <VirtualHost> it is not possible
	as it takes multiple "host:port" ("host port" will be recognized as
	two targets).

	I would like to know about your opinion on how I should update the
	syntax.  We have several choices here:
	- introduce new separater, like "host/port"
	- disable multiple "host:port" against VirtualHost directive,
	  and let the user <VirtualHost host port> syntax.
	- some others



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