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From Laurent Sinitambirivoutin <>
Subject thanks for the explanations
Date Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:48:24 GMT
thanks for the explanations

i've run the hybrid server, it works fine, but still a lot of processes,
though a lot less than my actual server (81 processes instead of more
than 200 :)
Still I thought I wouldn't have more than 8 processes since MaxClients
is set to 8... So I'm a little bit confused. In fact, I've set
ThreadsPerChild to 32 instead of 8 and woee I got my 256 processes... So
I guess I must have missed something though ldd shows that httpd is
linked with pthreads

as for the apr stuff, i've compiled it and now i'm feeling dumb about it
: got lots of libs but don't have a clue about how it's supposed to get
along with apache (unless of course i'm so stupid i didn't realise i had
to code the stuff myself ;-)

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