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From "Michael H. Voase" <>
Subject Re: work in progress: mpm-3.tar.gz (fwd)
Date Wed, 23 Jun 1999 10:50:49 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> I also had another big goal -- I wanted to show a roadmap which has lots
> of open projects still left in it... so that we can take advantage of some
> parallel development.  So yup, MPM lacks all the stuff you mentioned...
> for a good reason... it was a design which we've been solidifying over an
> 18 month period and then I spent a day or so hacking to lay out the
> framework... and if I've convinced everyone it's going in the right
> direction multiple of us can spend time polishing up the rough edges.
> Yeah ok I'm procrastinating from cleaning up the mess I've made of buff.c.
> Dean
	I would like to comment that Dean has missed another
point that wasnt brought up . The reason why MPM can satisfy 
the needs of many different models is that it is now generalised
to the point that any application can be supported with this .
Quite aside from a http server , with a little polishing and
extraction of http dependent code ,this framework could IMHO
support just about any application you can throw at it .

	So the result is that you now have a bootstrap / support
architecture that is far, far more than just a humble web server .

Cheers Mik Voase.

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