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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Sun Jun 20 23:45:08 EDT 1999
Date Mon, 21 Jun 1999 06:34:23 GMT
> Should we deprecate "ServerType inetd" if the next release is 1.4.0?

>From the "if", I can understand that you still didn't decide what
will the next release be. I remember that there was a looonnnggg
discussion about this subject, but I don't remember any decision.

Moreover, this dilemma is even not mentioned in the "STATUS"
messages. Does it mean that the next release is 1.3.7 as it says:

> 1.3.7-dev: current.  Ken volunteers to be release manager.

If next release is 1.3.7, then the comment about "ServerType inetd"
is not relevant and should be removed from the STATUS.

Anyway, we are already 3 months with the same release, so it could
be good if we at least KNEW the name of the next release. I tell
anybody: "Wait a little, with the next release of Apache, what you
try to do will be much easier", which is true for many things that
people try to do, but then they ask me what will it be called, and
I'm embarrassed to admit that there is even no name, currently...
So they say: "If there is even no name, it will take months before
it is ready".

I don't ask anybody to release it before the time; I just say that
it is important to have more clear plans. I feel that the next
release is going to be a real killer, with the XML-Expat/EAPI/MM/
etc., together with some modules that are coming of age (e.g.
mod_dav 0.99 and JServ 1.0; BTW: What is going with Sun's sources?),
so let us know at least its name...

Eli Marmor

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