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From Keith Wannamaker <>
Subject Re: Office 2000 Compatibility
Date Sat, 19 Jun 1999 19:42:17 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> So, does anyone know what the deal is w/r/t Office 2000 support?  I seem
> to recall that DAV was the protocol O2K was going to use

mod_dav currently implements a class 1 DAV server - that is, one that supports
the minimum requirements of RFC 2518 without locking.  Thus, O2K opens documents
through mod_dav read-only.

I am within two weeks of upgrading mod_dav to a beta class 2 DAV server - one
fully interoperable with O2K.  Greg has already committed my mod_dav port to
Win32, along with much preliminary locking code.

Greg has mentioned doing the next release of mod_dav mid-summer; this fits well
with my schedule, giving us several weeks to test and tweak.  I fully expect
this release of mod_dav to be a stable class 2 DAV server, with verified
interoperability with O2K.

Keith Wannamaker
IBM HTTP Server Development 

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