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From Greg Stein <>
Subject XML handling, step 2
Date Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:01:48 GMT
Hey all,

Here is the next in the sequence of XML-handling patches for Apache.
This isn't a true patch (which needs to update Makefiles, etc). I'm
simply attaching the three new files that will be part of the patch.

This stuff provides lightweight data structures for parsed XML content.
The Expat parser is great, but its event-driven callback interface makes
it extremely difficult to handle XML in certain ways. Specifically, a
two-step parse-then-process cannot be done through an event mechanism.
These patches provide data structures for holding XML content after a
parse is completed.

The API exported here would be the "right" level for most Apache code to
use for XML handling. Directly interfacing with the parser is tougher,
and hard-wires you to a particular parser.

The intended audience for this functionality is mod_dav, mod_php, a new
config system (future), and/or third party modules that want to use XML.
Please note that an API such as this would be required to incorporate
DAV functionality into the base Apache distro.

This code is well-tested; it is a direct extract from mod_dav with a
prefix renaming (dav_ to ap_). The API is solid in terms of the output
structures, but the input sources for the parse could/should be expanded
(right now, it parses request input; there should be funcs for parsing
files and/or text buffers).

Comments, suggestions, whatever are highly appreciated. For example:
naming suggestions, API changes/additions/deletions, algorithm changes
(e.g. array of strings rather than ap_text's linked-list of strings),
doc requirements, requests for explanation, etc.


Greg Stein,

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