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From Dan Kegel <>
Subject Re: Preparations for ZD's upcoming Apache/Linux benchmark
Date Tue, 08 Jun 1999 07:37:00 GMT
Alan Cox wrote:
> Of course nobody has addressed the problem that Apache is optimised for
> the real world not benchmarks and that its not the right server to use
> for a benching exercise with the rather poor benchmark tools used today.

Yes, and Apache 2.0 will no doubt be more optimized for this kind of
On the other hand, these benchmarks aren't meaningless.  Each 
bottleneck they run into might be a real-world bottleneck for
some application.  In fact, all of the improvements I list
in appear to
have been made in the course of normal Linux development.

Improving Apache+Linux's performance on these silly benchmarks
has thus been a side effect of useful stuff.  
- Dan

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