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From tser <>
Subject Re: IE5 and PDF files.
Date Thu, 03 Jun 1999 21:30:16 GMT

This problem is not related to Apache.
The problem is very easy to solve and is _not_ related to the Server,
but to the browser

This is a Half-Known bug in Explorer, associated with the File Types
the problem is not that ie5 doesn't recognize the PDF file, but that it
launch acrobat reader.

i tracked the registry of a sysem, to prove that.

Similair reports are seen with Word files And Excel Spreadsheets, as
well with
"" adresses. 

During various test installation , we saw this problem, it's happening
also to
Clients Connectiong to IIS 4.0.

1) Open WindowsExplorer and Explore to a Hardisk.
2)   Go to [ view Folder] Options
3)   Select [File Types]
4)     Search for your PDF File Type
5)     Select Edit
6)       Select [Actions] Open
7)       Select Edit

Now Lookup up to the "application used to perform the action.
this is very likely something like 

This should be "x:\somepath\some.exe" "%1"
[USE DDDE   ] [ Mark it]
[DDE MESSAGE] [ %1     ]

those "" in front of the file name, and before and after %1 are very

	Reinder Kraaij.
> When the customer downloads the PDF, Internet Explorer 5 (on Windows NT)
> does not bring the Adobe Acrobat Reader up to display the Page Image thus
> delivered (even though the file-type association indicates the the Acrobat
> Reader should handle content types of application/pdf.

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