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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject Re: Magic File
Date Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:36:50 GMT
David -

The magic file for mod_mime_magic is part of the Apache distribution.
(Cisco contributed the module to the Apache Group.)  Send any patches you
have to the Apache Developers at  (I'm CC'ing the
list on this response.)  That's how Apache keeps growing!

All users of mod_mime_magic will appreciate any contribution you make.
Ian Kluft  KO6YQ PP-ASEL                                  Cisco Systems, Inc. (work) (home)          San Jose, CA

> From: "David M. Davisson" <>
> To: "Ian Kluft" <>
> Subject: Magic File
> Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:01:44 -0700
> Hi Ian,
> I have been using mod_mime_magic almost since you released it. We use it for
> preliminary identification of file types sent to our websites via file upload.
> The files mostly uploaded to us are from windows systems and usually contain
> standard default extensions making it easy for mod_mime to work.  However we are
> finding increasing use of non-standard extensions.  I am about to embark on a
> update of the magic file.  I was wondering if there is a public update available
> before I go to all the trouble of examining file formats.  I did check the
> latest distribution of file(1) but it is no different than what is on my RedHat
> 6 systems.
> If one is not available, I will share my update with you.

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