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From Mitch Wyle <>
Subject Apache Reverse Proxy BOF at O'Reilly Conference 8/21
Date Tue, 29 Jun 1999 07:03:15 GMT


Apache mod_proxy Reverse Proxy 
Birds of a Feather Session (BOF)
O'Reilly Apache Conference
August 21-24, 1999 
Monterey, California 

The reverse proxy extensions to Apache's mod_proxy module enables
several sophisticated network applications for web sites.  Using
reverse_proxy, you can tunnel through a firewall to a corporate
Intranet.  You can load balance and fail-over several hosts behind a
single server.  Reverse proxy also enables a single point of access to
all web services on several machines.  This feature allows simplified
traffic logging and monitoring of a virtual Web site.  Reverse proxy
enables complete control over most back-end delegation schemes.

This BOF will discuss uses of Apache reverse proxy and tips, techniques
for configuring and optimizing these applications.

* * *

If you would like to be a panel member or have specific issues or
questions about mod_proxy / reverse proxy, please contact me.

Mitchell F. Wyle
DataMain Inc.
1900 McCarthy Blvd,  Suite 204
Milpitas, CA, 95035-7414

Phone 408.383.1870 x110
Cell  408.391.0492
Fax   408.383.1875

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