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From Aidan Cully <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] "responsible party" for requests.
Date Wed, 09 Jun 1999 20:10:12 GMT
After a bit of prodding from Ken Coar, here's an updated version of the
patch, based on his.  Unfortunately, I'm not yet able to test out this
version on a running web server..  I wouldn't even have posted this yet
if the 1.3.7/1.4 release cycle weren't coming up.

The only real differences between this version and the version Ken posted
a couple months ago is that a serious bug in the ap_exec_script function
has been fixed, and that we now only use the UID on the file to determine
execution permissions, and run getpwuid() on this uid to figure out the
gid to use.  I _have_ tested the "serious bug fix" on our boxes here..
mostly.  The other feature I added prodded me into changing my logic a bit.
Both changes are relatively minor differences from the tested version of
this patch, so I don't believe I've broken anything.

Aidan Cully       "Umm..  Could you call back?  My house is on fire."
Panix Staff          --Tom Waits

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