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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: Releasing 1.3.7
Date Fri, 04 Jun 1999 07:10:47 GMT

In article <3756D13A.8AC69110@Golux.Com> you wrote:
> (No-one has demurred, so I'm assuming I'll be RM for 1.3.7.)
> I think we should start preparing to roll out 1.3.7.  I'd like
> to get it out the door by the end of June, 1999.  We have a couple
> of significant fixes to put out there, and this is an essential
> step before we can populate the 2.0 module.
> I'd like to suggest a modification to the historical release process.
> Namely, I'd like to 'freeze' CVS and tag it as 1.3.7b1, build
> some tarballs, announce it to the tester lists, and if nothing
> crops up in 72 hours, retag it as 1.3.7 and proceed with a normal
> rollout.  This way we won't lose 1.3.7 if some critical problem
> shows up; we just fix it, reset to 1.3.7b2, and try again.  It
> also puts the testers ahead of the release curve, rather than
> behind it.  Any comments?
> If anyone has any favourite fixes or features they want to get
> in for 1.3.7, I recommend getting them in soon.  Please review
> any patches noted in the STATUS file and vote, or add any you
> notice are missing.

Sounds fine to me. 

I want to commit EAPI for 1.3.7, but it would be fine when more people review
it (especially the shared memory pool patches). Additionally we've to solve
the Vary-problem (IE hates our vary headers and what we send out isn't really
correct) and the NDBM-problem (/usr/include/db1/ subdir on glibc 2.1
platforms). Please put these two problems on your RM-todo list, Ken.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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