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From Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
Subject Re: VirtualHost directive and IPv6
Date Thu, 17 Jun 1999 04:00:39 GMT

>> 	It takes multiple "host" or "host:port" as argument.  However, as
>> 	IPv6 address will be written as colon-separated hexadecimals,
>> 	we cannot use "host:port" for IPv6 addresses (it is ambiguous).
>That's exactly what I expected since I first heard that IPv6 uses
>colons between its hex values. All applications which separate IP addresses
>from other information by ':'s suffer from this problem, not just apache.

	Yes, I agree it is not just problem for Apache.
	For the moment I modify some of directives to take space-separated
	host and port pair, like:
		NameVirtualHost ::1 80
	However, it is not possible for directives like VirtualHost,
	which takes multiple host:port pairs.

>I wonder how the IPv6 people solved the ambiguity for the rest of the
>IPv4 applications which "mis-" use the ':' ?!?!

	For URLs, it looks that square bracket around host part, like
	is going to be standardized.  My patch supports this notion.

>For apache, I'd accept '@' or '/' or whatever, but the change should be
>(for 1.3.7) only used for IPv6 addresses, to keep the compatibility for
>the IPv4 customers.

	Is there anybody merging in IPv6 patch into 1.3.7?  I received
	email from someone interested in merging in, but I do not hear from
	him recently.  (I don't have commit privs)
	My patch is available at,
	based on apache 1.3.6.


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