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From "David Harris" <>
Subject RE: standard virtual hosting.. how good?
Date Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:22:56 GMT

Ahh.. thank you. This makes sense: that if you can assure yourself with your
auto-configuration-whatever that all the DocumentRoots really will exist,
there's little reason to have Apache check again for you.

Can we get this in the next release, please? (I see Jim just started that

 - David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services

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From: [] On
Behalf Of Mathijs Maassen
Sent:	Friday, June 11, 1999 8:51 AM
Subject:	Re: standard virtual hosting.. how good?

 << File: apache_1.3.6-documentrootcheck.diff >> On Fri, Jun 11, 1999 at
01:06:10PM +0100, Tony Finch wrote:
> We have some machines with about 1000 <VirtualHost> configuration
> sections and one of the problems it the time it takes to parse the
> configuration file (but that's an old version of Apache & newer ones

We had the same problem. Apache does a stat() on the DocumentRoot of all
vhosts. And that slows things down a bit if you have lots of vhosts. The
attached patch adds a DocumentrootCheck config option, which enables you to
turn this behaviour off. The startuptime on one of our webservers, with 4000
vhosts, dropped from 3 minutes minutes to 2 seconds.


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