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From (Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes)
Subject Re: Shared Memory in APR.
Date Thu, 13 May 1999 05:50:17 GMT
In article <>,
Ryan Bloom <> wrote:
>After taking a few days to clean some stuff up and go to meetings, I am
>back to work on APR.  The next thing I am looking to implement is shared
>memory.  Ralf posted some stuff a while ago that includes the shared
>memory pools stuff, as well as some code to allocate/deallocate shared
>I began to take a quick look at this to see how easily it could be added
>to APR, and noticed immediately, that it has everything Copyrighted by
>Ralf.  So, my question is can I use this code?  Does it need to be
>re-released under the Apache License?  Ralf, are you willing to do that?

Shouldn't any code posted to this list be regarded as contributed to AG?
Question for the ASF people:  could automatic consent be legally assumed
if the info document for the list (which majordomo sends to new subscribers)
specified this caveat?  Of course, if this change were made to the info
document, it would also need to be sent out to all current subscribers.

Just an idea...

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