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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: redirect in post-read phase
Date Wed, 19 May 1999 05:43:38 GMT
On 18 May 1999 wrote:

> Consulting the index, _Writing Apache Modules with C and Perl, 1st ed._
> covers the post-read phase on pages 72, 332, and 512. There is never really
> any mention of what can and can't be done in this phase.
> For example, on page 332:

true, it never says what can and can't be done, but the key word that is
used more than once is "initialize":
"The I<post_read_request> phase is a handy place to initialize
per-request data that will be available to other handlers in the
request chain. Because of its usefulness as an initialize ..."

and, the example modules discussed, mod_unique_id, mod_setenvif, etc.,
have nothing todo with a direct response the client.

if you read on to the description of header parser, it starts to talk
about doing what you want to do:
"... to take special action, perhaps altering the headers on the fly (as
we will do below to create an anonymous proxy server), or blocking 
unwanted transactions at an early stage. ..."


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