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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Annoying Installation Problem and a Possible Elegant Solution
Date Tue, 11 May 1999 12:37:49 GMT
> The most annoying installation problem for me, and I believe that
> for most of the Apache users/administrators/integrators/etc., is
> that a part of the configuration is done BEFORE the build, and some
> of the results are hard-coded into the generated files, sometimes in
> binary files (such as httpd). While it is possible to override these
> values (for example by flags), some of the tools don't allow to use
> flags (e.g. apachectl).

Nothing is hardcoded.  Everything can be overridden in the httpd.conf
file.  Even the location of this file can be set at run-time.  I always
just do:  httpd -f /path/httpd.conf

> And think about the maintainers of pre-built packages of Apache:
> Currently, all of them state that "sorry, but the current version
> must be installed under the following directory...".

Then they are being silly.  There is no technical reason for this.  You
can put anything anywhere you want and simply point Apache at it from the
httpd.conf file.  I really don't see the defaults as being much of an


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