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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: change over to APR.
Date Mon, 03 May 1999 18:38:31 GMT
I didn't find it too hard to merge 1.3.x updates into apache-nspr after
I'd done the port...  I generally set things up in apache-nspr so that
they wouldn't compile if they used something that had to be changed in the
port (i.e. I changed various structure field names).  A little perusal of
the delta between 1.3.7 and 1.3.x whenever you want to merge it into
apache-apr shouldn't be too hard... 


On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Ryan Bloom wrote:

> I thought I would bring this topic up.  I am a bit worried about when we
> have to do the change over to have the hybrid server using APR.  APR
> development is coming along at a good rate right now, so this has been on
> my radar for a little while.  The basic issue is that changing Apache to
> use APR is a relatively big deal.
> If we try to change apache to use apr_file_t's instead of int's, we can't
> do it in just one file, the change has to be made in EVERY file, and it
> has to be done in the same patch, or it won't compile until all the
> patches are done.  Same thing goes for sockets, threads, processes, etc.
> I don't think we want to try to make these changes while everybody is
> modifying the hybrid server.  We definately don't want to make these
> changes before 1.3.7 is released, because porting the patches from 1.3.7
> to 2.0 would be next to impossible with the apr code in the server.
> I have three possibilities, and I thought I would get the groups reaction
> to them.
> 1)  Ignore this message, and just accept that immediately after Apache is
> moved into 2.0, we have to change it to using APR, and it could be broken
> for a while and not compiling while the change is made.
> 2)  Stop development of Apache-2.0 for some time after Apache-1.3.7 is
> released.  Hopefully this time will be relatively quick.  During this
> time, we change everything to use APR calls where applicable.  Where it
> would most likely be me and/or Manoj and/or Bill making the change-over.
> 3)  Make the change-over before we release 1.3.7, as APR libraries are
> finished. 
> I REALLY hate option #3, but I am putting it in for completness.  I would
> hate to be the person who had to deal with changing the patch to get 1.3.7
> to the current state of the hybrid server.
> I am perfectly happy doing things either of the other two ways, but I was
> hoping to get the groups opinion, so that when it did finally happen,
> everybody knew either why it was broken for weeks, or why development had
> stopped for a time.  
> Any thoughts?
> Ryan
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