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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: [PRESS] ZDNet look at Stronghold/Apache
Date Thu, 13 May 1999 18:35:19 GMT
On Thu, 13 May 1999, Mark J Cox wrote:

> Oh what a suprise; Apache with CGI is a lot slower than IIS with ISAPI:

Yea.  And did you read their BS about how "oh, no one writes Apache
modules because we say so so we don't have to do a fair comparison in that

In their last version of their benchmark program I asked "hey, can we get
an Apache module included?"  Their answer was no, but that they would try
to for the next version.  I even sent them a module that does exactly what
their ISAPI and NSAPI modules do.  But no, they don't give a damn.  You
need to have people dedicated full time to hounding zd like MS and
probably NS before they will care.


(as you can probably tell from the above, I'm in a crappy mood for other
reasons, so don't take what I say overly seriously...)

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