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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Expat patch #3
Date Mon, 24 May 1999 08:33:19 GMT
>The original patch was to add Expat to the distribution. Feedback was to
>put it into src/lib/ and to also put src/regex in there.

I vaguely remember that from pre-vacation bits, but I thought you were
talking about the 2.0 repository.

>So, yes: aeshetics would be the reason. src/lib/ would contain complete
>little blobs of code; in the regex and expat case, those blobs are
>actually imported snapshots.
>NOTE: I'll consider your response a veto for any src/lib/ type change
>(which actually cancels my entire patch :-). Sigh...
>Please let me know if you need more information, and/or please read the
>recent thread "Expat patch #3" or the threads around April 15, also with
>"Expat" in the subject. That should bring you up to speed.
>In general, I would summarize this way:
>* people want Expat in the distribution, for several independent reasons

No problemo there, assuming the license allows it (I vaguely recall it did).

>* people feel src/lib/ is the proper location for Expat, along with
>(moving) the regex stuff and adding Ralf's MM library.

Well, I'll disagree with that.  All the directories under src are libs
of some kind.  Besides, 'lib' is the standard directory name for the
output of a linking process, not the source code for libraries, so
it doesn't even work for aesthetic reasons.

But the rationale for a veto only applies to regex in 1.3.  I assume that
the other reason for a subdirectory would be to make it easier for other
distributors to add code to that directory and have a submakefile pick
it up automatically (like modules).

I'd be fine with creating a   src/3rd_party  directory and placing
Expat and MM and whatever else under there.  But -1 on moving regex.
If people want to add a new pcre/regex-tcl library under 3rd_party,
that's fine too, but leave regex where it is until 1.4/2.0.

BTW, calling it 3rd_party is only my personal suggestion -- I won't
complain too much if you call it lib.  I know, this is all just a late
response to Ralf's suggestions, but I enjoyed my vacation.


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