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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Module initialization and per-directory config directives
Date Mon, 03 May 1999 12:58:27 GMT

Zeev Suraski <> writes:

> directives were being parsed before module startups ...
> ...  the callbacks so that they always call PHP's startup function
> before going on.  ...

It is possible if you proposed a patch it would get in.

I think every significant module I've got or read does just
that.  Every configuration directive calls out to the module
begin init, and then latter when Apache calls the module so called
module init, it does he "end init".

There are two reasons why there is not a "begin init" call.

First it is a slightly delicate to design since you have
to decide what to do in all four (or more?) senarios.
 1. Directive reading during requests.
 2. Directive reading phase 1.
 3. Directive reading phase 2.
 4. Restart directive reading.

Second there developed during the last release a reluctance
to adding new callbacks.  The design for more hooks built
up, encryption export issues made the water muddy, API
stablity advocates spoke up, tempers flaired.  Ralf 
implemented EAPI to get them for his needs.  I did the
same, I suspect others did too.

 - ben

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