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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Context types in APR.
Date Fri, 07 May 1999 15:48:33 GMT

Since I have veto'd this context thing the responsiblity
falls to me to work to resolve the issue.  But I'm
at a bit of a lost how to proceed to that end since the
questions I'm asking don't seem to be getting awnsered.

I did recieve one private reply to my question for examples
in other systems.  I've now gone and looked carefully at
the example I was given and there the "context" is actually
many "contexts", each one is representing an object upon
which assorted operations are being done.

My style of design assumes that there is always an "object
model" implicit in everything.  It continues to elude my
thick skull what "object" the context is standing for.
It would seem to be standing in for a fuzzy union of
activity/thread/pool/thread-state and globals.

Can one of the advocates of this - add another parameter
for 'stuff' to every APR function - please respond to
my questions.

1. Is blocking signals an operation on threads, and if
   so why would it's state be better in the context 
   rather than the thread's state.
2. What compelling advantage is worth the cost of 
   passing an additional parameter to every function?
3. Do pools need to block signals?  If so, do they
   need a pointer to the thread they reside in?

Alternatively maybe you could give me an example of
a really sweet illustration where it works out nicely.

 - ben

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