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Subject Re: redirect in post-read phase
Date Tue, 18 May 1999 17:25:37 GMT
Dean Gaudet <> writes:

> On 18 May 1999 wrote:
> > The problem still remains that ap_rflush is never called.
> If that were the case, mod_alias wouldn't work.  So how does your module
> differ?

mod_alias does its redirect in the filename translation, or fixups
phase. Not sure which. My module does its redirect in the post-read
phase. mod_alias does not even have such a hook. 

The problem is that everything other than the post-read phase is handled by
ap_process_request. ap_process_request contains a call to ap_bhalfduplex,
which calls ap_bflush. The post-read phase is handled by ap_read_request
which does not have a 'flush' of any sort. 


> Dean

Tom Vaughan <tvaughan at aventail dot com>

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