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From Greg Stein <>
Subject [PATCH] Expat patch #3
Date Fri, 21 May 1999 10:12:11 GMT
Okay. They say the third time is the charm :-)

Attached is my final Expat patch. The differences from before:

* src/regex is moved to src/lib/regex
* now looks for src/lib/expat
* hsregex.h dependencies removed from Makefile.tmpl files

Note that this introduces the src/lib/ directory for future library
integration. In particular, Ralf's MM and APR would make great sense to
go into src/lib/.

I would like to commit this on Sunday evening, along with moving the
src/regex files. I think this patch is close to the AG consensus that
was formed since I first started this stuff. Therefore, I'll either hold
it up due to a veto or make any suggested changes and just commit the

The biggest hole in the patch is updating the VC build files for the
moved src/regex/ directory. I'm presuming that somebody can help to
update those after I've updated the CVS repository.


Greg Stein,

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