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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Help to fix a leak
Date Fri, 21 May 1999 09:39:57 GMT
Hi all,

I have narrowed down a specific problem we are having with a busy Apache
installation, I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm for me whether
I am correct in this assumption:

I have an Apache v1.3.6 installation, running with Dave Carrigan's
auth_ldap module, linked against Netscape's library.

Over time, the Apache processes slowly get bigger and bigger. This is
despite a graceful restart scheduled every half an hour. Suddenly,
Apache's memory usage suddenly seems to skyrocket, quickly consuming all
2GB of available swap space and swamping the box.

>From what I can understand, Apache on it's own is not at fault, because
disabling the module turns everything back to normal. From what I
understand of modules, auth_ldap is not at fault, because Apache
processes only serve 30 requests before dying, killing the auth_ldap
module and any leaks with it. This leaves the library.
>From what I can see, is dynamically linked to the Apache
parent process (and as a result all the children) and is only
initialised once - at startup, and this is *not* reinitialised with a
graceful restart. Thus this could be that's causing the

Am I guessing correctly here, or am I way off?

I am desparate to find this problem quickly, as it's a showstopper for
us. If I cannot get LDAP authentication in Apache, I am going to have to
switch my whole architecture to Netscape, and I want to avoid that if I
possibly can, especially if it's a Netscape library bug that is causing
the problem.

Any insight will be appreciated.

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