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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Apache restart bug (1.3.7-dev)
Date Wed, 19 May 1999 07:00:13 GMT
[This is another repost, didn't come through either]

Hi all,

I am experiencing some bizaare behaviour from Apache v1.3.7-dev
(19990510071220) when an attempt is made to restart Apache using
"apachectl restart".

When a restart request is issued, Apache sends a SIGHUP to the process
group, but not all processes die, some remain. Apache sends another
SIGHUP, and logs the problem. Again, some processes remain (18 logged in
my test). Apache then tried a SIGTERM (terminating another 7), and
finally it tried a SIGKILL (terminating the final 11).

By looking at the output of the extended server status screen, it turns
out that a number of processes in the list were affected. These
processes were in a number of states just before the restart was issued,
some were stuck in a "...reading..." state with a code R, some of them
were in W, one or two even idle, though this could have been due to the
time delay between the server-status output and the server restarting.
Most of them seemed stuck, with a long time (>60 seconds) on the time
since last request start.

Over time without the restarts caused by our hourly logfile rotation
these stuck processes cause Apache to spawn more processes to replace
them, eventually reaching the MaxClients limit.

Interestingly enough, this behaviour does *not* seem to happen with
v1.3.6. At first I suspected that Dave Carrigan's auth_ldap module was a
contributing factor, however disabling this module has had no effect on
the problem.

I've looked through the src/CHANGES file for possible explanations,
however nothing from there seems obvious. Any ideas?

(Apache v1.3.7-dev running under Solaris v2.6)

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