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From Dan Kegel <>
Subject Re: Updated hypermail archives today
Date Fri, 14 May 1999 04:18:25 GMT
Scott Dybiec wrote:
> Just updated the hypermail archives for this list at:
> to include messages through yesterday.
Thanks.  Any chance that could be automated?
> Quick question: Will the Apache Group be supplying a specially modified
> version of Apache to the MindCraft performance testers to solve the
> "thundering herd" problem?

The linux-kernel people are hard at work on wake-one semantics for
accept and friends.  Ingo says some of this is in 2.3.1-pre already.
See for updates.

One thing the Apache folks should do, though, is make sure
the benchmark uses mod_mmap_static, if they think it will help.
Nobody seems to use this module (well, one guy thought he was
using it, but he forgot to configure it right).

(I'm assuming that the new hybrid server is nowhere near ready
for benchmarking.)

- Dan

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